Below are estimated times of completion of the major steps of production - shipping, Dates will be updated as stuff gets completed here and also on


Under The Robe Art Figure

  • Prototype complete
  • In Production 
  • Production Complete!
  • Shipping from factory - studio

ETA Shipping to customers : November 2020



    Cancelations of Refunds on Pre-orders

    All orders placed are final.

    We are unable to allow for cancellations due to a change of mind or a wrong order placed.

    By placing a pre-order, you have agreed that the item will be sent to you shortly after production is complete.

    Unfortunately, we do not allow for any changes, cancellations or refunds on your order once they have been placed. This is due to the limited nature of our art figures, as once they are purchased, resources will be allocated to create the item and the item will be reserved for you.

    Delays in production may occur due to unforeseen circumstances and we seek your understanding that in these cases, resources have already been allocated to creating your item, thus refunds will not be allowed as well.

    All pre-order items shown are prototypes and will be subject to final approval, thus the final product may differ, be it in colour, structure, material etc. Refunds, in this case, will not be allowed too, as we will only make changes to improve the quality, aesthetics or to simply make production possible. Please take this into consideration before making a purchase.

    In stock items may also face packing, stock transferring or shipment delays occasionally, and we do not allow for refunds due to such delays.

    If the figure is damaged we allocate some figures aside, and can offer a replacement or refund if we don't have any new replacements upon final consideration.