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Ronald Unmasked + Giraffe & Lion updates - NOW SHIPPING!

by Alex Solis November 15, 2017

Ronald Unmasked + Giraffe & Lion updates - NOW SHIPPING!

Check here for most up to date information of when the figures will be shipped!


Dec 29 : The freight company just updated me that the shipment won't be arriving and ready for pick up until ETA: 01/08/17 due to the Holidays.

The day it arrives I'll be working non-stop in getting all pre-orders out to everyone, as well as adding some extra freebies as a thank you for all the patience and support! Happy Holidays!

Dec 22:  Just got the message from the freight company : Shipment will be departing LA this weekend and ETA to WI  is 12/30 - Orders will be shipped out asap upon arrival.

I'll keep everyone updated is there are any other problems due to the Holidays, thank you for the support and being patient! 

Dec 16th - Got notification that the x-ray exam cleared, waiting for the updated ETA arrival date to the midwest, currently at the LA international port.


Dec 15th - I got notification a few days ago that the freight shipment coming from the manufacturer is at the LA port but the container is now on hold for an XRAY exam from customs, from there it's coming to the midwest, where I'll be shipping it from.

Not all bad news, I got stickers done as well for the figures, so each figure from the pre-orders will come with some free stickers, courtesy of Stickerapp.com + Holiday stickers

I'll post another update as soon as I hear back from the freight company that the shipment is cleared by customs and I have a new ETA Shipping date, hoping it's only a few extra days due to the extra exam.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :D Thank you for your support! 



Nov 17th - Shipping from the factory in Shenzhen, China

Each figure will include a free sticker of the original artwork! :D

Alex Solis
Alex Solis


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