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Chunky Mikey // SHIPPED!🍕🐢

by Alex Solis March 30, 2017

Chunky Mikey // SHIPPED!🍕🐢


June 20th :

All shipped, thank you for all the support! About 25 of each size left, once this one is gone it's gone! :D

June 15th :

Shipping this week! Look out for an e-mail with a tracking number, I'll be adding something extra in the rest of the pre-orders :D

June 6 2017:

Thank you guys for being patient! The turtles were released from customs but it delayed things about 1.5 weeks, I just spoke with the freight company and the shipment is scheduled to arrive the 10th, I'm planning to pick up the shipment and same day start shipping the product.

It will be shipped out in batches, but I'm hoping to have most done by Tuesday next week.

Once it ships you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number, again thank you being so patient and supporting independent artist!

-Alex Solis


May 6 2017:

The Turtles are done and waiting shipment from the factory, it usually takes about 15-45 days to clear through customs, they took about a week longer to finish then expected, at the moment it should still be set for end of the month, but it might be delayed a few extra days. I'll post more updates as it gets closer to the shipping date!

Most of the funds from the turtle are going towards the production of the first Icons Unmasked Toy "Trump Unmasked" I'll post more details on that one on

Any questions, comments or suggestions related to the turtle please feel free to leave here.

Thank you again for everyone's support! 




Chunky Mikey designer toy 🍕🐢

New Designer Toy! New sizes! Happy how this one turned out! Every time one comes out I'm already planning the next few, also crazy to see the re-sale prices on some of them - up to $800! A good sign and motivation to create more!

Get yours before it's gone! 



Alex Solis
Alex Solis


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